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4 steps to create your own good luck

1. Lucky people are happy

- There are no habits that separate lucky and unlucky individuals.

- The ones who consider them lucky, have more fun and entertain themselves in a variety of ways.

- It is all in the mindset.

- The difference lies in the positive approach.

2. Lucky people are open to new experiences

- Stepping out of your comfort zone with positive thoughts to make better out of life? you just got lucky.

- If you consider yourself unlucky, you tend to stay back in your comfort zone, thinking of the negative outcomes.

3. Lucky people create opportunities

- Make it a habit to create opportunities.

- You might be quite skilled at noticing and capitalizing on opportunities which others miss or simply overlook.

- There! others consider you lucky.

4. Lucky people think and feel lucky

- Allow yourself to feel lucky. Reminding yourself how lucky you makes you feel even luckier.

- Rather than thinking, I never win anything or I will never get ahead, think positive.

- Positive outlook gives positive output.


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