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5 ways to communicate (with yourself)

We all have that inner voice, but did you know you can train it just like how you can train yourself to speak with others? Here are 5 ways to master the art of internal communication.

1. Pause

The world today is filled with noise. You can’t find moments of silence, unless you decide to withdraw from the chaos and get into a self-nourishing cocoon. And this is so important! Take some time off every day to simply pause and just be.

Breathe and let loose. This allows you to listen to your inner voice. Remember, without listening to what it has to say, you can't change its contents.

2. Reflect

When you pause, you know what’s pulling you back. Reflect over it, and if possible, change the direction of your voice.

If you know you’re headed towards a negative, dark pit, consciously pull yourself out of it and quickly think of ways how your situation can be handled in a better way. You will sense a positive change within you.

3. Self-Care

If you’re feeling low, ask yourself – what can I do to make myself feel better? Your inner voice will come up with an answer. It will tell you what it needs. Get up from your place and do it. Notice how your inner voice changes and uplifts your mood.

4. Positive Self-Talk

When your friend or colleague feels miserable, you try to talk to them and make them feel better. Right? Do this for yourself as well. Don’t wait for a moment when you’re miserable and then indulge in a positive self-talk. Do it every day.

5. Be Prepared

Everyone knows their triggers. But what’s unfortunate is, very few people are prepared to not get triggered. If you know something is coming up and you’re going to feel a certain way, prepare yourself for it. Don’t let it overpower you.

Prepare your responses in advance – if this happens, this is how I am going to deal with it. Once you do this, you allow your sane voice to take care of you and not anyone else or any situation.

Always remember: you are doing it for yourself.

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