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I hope you feel beautiful today

If you feel things deeply, if you are going through something that is uncomfortable or painful, or hard – you often have to decide between allowing yourself to dive into those emotions, or allowing yourself to numb them.

And, a lot of human beings choose to numb their experience of the world. A lot of human beings tell themselves that it is all too much, that is all too inconvenient, to deal with the depth of their circumstance. And it is often not their fault. In a world that has given us so many ways to kill our pain – through television, prescriptions, or social media, it is almost a subconscious thing we do. We try to protect ourselves from pain, but if I have learned one thing this year, it is that pain demands to be felt. It will show up in other ways if we do not deal with it.

So, the greatest thing you can do when you are dealing with pain, or hardship, or change, or opposition – is to feel it. Please, do not run from your feeling. Run towards it. Run within yourself.

I hope you feel beautiful today Hoodie

I hope you feel beautiful today Hoodie

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