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7 ways to manifest and get anything you want

1. journal your wants and don't wants

– know what you want and what you don't want

– have clarity about both equally

– write them in your journal

– add details as much as possible

what do I want?

why do I want it?

by when do I want to?

2. vision board

– make a vision board of your goals with images

– best way to get what you manifest is to let your brain wander around your goals

– it helps you with different ideas for achieving them and it keeps you going

3. spread positivity

– be positive in everything you think, do and speak

– positivity has the power to attract good things

– work on negative thoughts and understand what is causing them, act upon them

4. remove fear and doubt

– never be doubtful that it may not happen

– be courageous to face anything that comes on the way to your dream

5. align your behavior

– the most important thing to manifest is to align your behavior closer to who you want to be

– one step or one habit at a time

– if you aim to gain more knowledge, start reading one page a day

6. declutter every area of life

– be it the your surroundings or the people you surround yourself with

– decluttering makes space for abundance and helps you manifest anything faster

7. practice the art of gratitude

– if you keep letting the universe know what it wants, it gives you mode of satisfaction

the answers to all your questions are within you. start today.

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