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10 laws of karma you should know

1. the law of cause and effect

– you get back the thoughts or energy you give, be it good or bad

– to get what you want from the world or yourself, ensure to give the same

2. the law of creation

– nothing comes your way magically in life

– to make things happen in your life, you have to take action

– you are the creator of making what you want, based on your intentions

3. the law of humility

– your current reality is the result of your past actions

– be humble to accept this fact

– and every action of yours in the present moment defines your future

4. the law of growth

– growth starts within you

– the only thing you have control over is yourself

– so, focus on you

– to shape the world positively, start with yourself

5. the law of responsibility

– you own what happens to you in life

– you are the product of the choices you make

– look inward to find the cause of your problems

6. the law of connection

– everything in your life, your past, present, and future, are connected

– who you are today is the result of your previous actions

– and who you will be tomorrow will be the result of your actions today

7. the law of focus

– focus on one thing at a time

– focus on positive values like love and peace

– it helps you not getting caught in the feelings of resentment, greed, or anger

8. the law of here and now

– to live peacefully, embrace the present moment

– it happens only when you make peace with negative thoughts and behaviors from your past

9. the law of change

– until and unless you learn from your experiences to do things differently, everything repeats in your life

– change gives you a new path to create a new future and to be a better version of yourself

10. the law of significance and inspiration

– every contribution you make will affect the world

– each one of us is born with a specific gift, mission, and purpose that only you can bring into the world with your uniqueness

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