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7 hard truths you need to accept for being stronger

1. Not many people care about your matters. They ask and comment simply because they are curious. 

2. You will suck at most things at the beginning. But if you're persevere and patient, time will reward you with what you deserve and punish the ones who easily give up.

3. No matter how good or bad your life is at this stage, always remember "this time will pass away" and you can stay humble and motivated to continue your journey.

4. People close to you see things with more clarity than you do sometimes. Forget your ego and take the good advice.

5. You will fail countless times before you succeed. But that doesn't matter. You only need to do the right things when the opportunities come. 

6. There are no answers to some questions. If you can't get them after trying, that means you need to let go.

7. Some things just need to make sense to you, not to others. You are not obligated to explain yourself or your decisions to others.

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