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Our first collection - You Are Art

We spent the last weekend with our friends Sigfried and Julia in Vienna to shoot the first items of our first collection. Happy to say that we met an awesome photographer MATTSORT about 2 weeks ago, when we were at SHIRTY Festival in Vienna. We’re happy that we could collaborate together, and we’re sure that this wasn’t the last time.

MONOGRAM T-Shirt and Dreamcatcher Baseball Shirt


YDWYA Classy Beanie in black

YDWYA Classy Backpack (faux leather)

YOU ARE ART T-Shirt in black

YDWYA Classy Beanie in burgundy and YDWYA Dreamcatcher Longsleeve in white

YDWYA Traveller Backpack

YDWYA Traveller Backpack

YOU ARE ART T-Shirt in beige

Check out more of Mattsort’s work here

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