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LGBTQ interview: 10 questions with @lincandcanyon

Canyon is a lifestyle blogger and photographer from Los Angeles. His story about coming out, moving to L.A. and his ambition trying to make a difference in the LGBTQ community is truly inspiring.

1. when did you find out that you are gay?

I started questioning my sexuality back in middle and high school because that’s when I started learning about there being different types of sexualities. Growing up in a smaller town, it took me years till I realized that there could be other types of sexuality. The more I researched the more I realized that I was gay and attracted to men, and pictured my life wit one! 

2. how has life changed since you came out?

My entire life took a 180, I moved to California, pursued photography and blogging, found a boyfriend! So many incredible things have happened to me due to coming out. I’ve found out who I really am, in the past it’s felt like I was always hiding a part of myself that I didn’t even realize was there, but now I feel more confident and happy than I’ve ever felt in my past. 

3. what would you recommend to anyone who hasn’t come out yet?

My biggest thing with “coming out” is do it how you want to! The most and only person you should feel obligated to come out to is yourself. If you can come out to yourself then that’s the only person that matters because at the end of the day your happiness is what matters most! 

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4. what are your goals in life?

Oh wow, I really want to make a difference in the LGBTQ community, even though it sounds cliché. I hope to do some sort of service or nonprofit work in order to help teens like me who are struggling with their own sexuality. I also want to continue to blog and post me and my boyfriend’s relationship and show people that being in a gay relationship is the EXACT same as being in any other type. We kiss each other good morning, work all day, jump into each other’s arms when we get home, and cook dinner together while watching our favorite shows! It’s what love is, and I want everyone to find it one day.

5. what would you recommend to anyone who is currently struggling with their life?

What has helped me in times of trial is reaching out. Just try to talk to someone, I relied on role-models while coming out and figuring out my sexuality. I can say that my messages are always open and I try my best to answer ever single one especially those asking for advice! I hope to inspire and uplift other people going though trial especially with sexuality because it isn’t easy, and I know that. I’m here to help. 

6. how has your relationship with Lincoln changed your life?

In honestly every aspect. It’s weird to think of your life going in one direction and then a boy comes in and messes it all up, it the most beautiful way possible. We have very similar outlooks and goals in life and we both do want to work together to help and inspire so no other teen has to feel like they are alone. Lincoln makes me feel like the luckiest boy on the planet and treats me like no other boy has. He’s my best friend and the cutest guy I’ve seen, but most importantly, he makes me happy. 


7. what matters to you in life most?

My family. I want a family, I want to continue to grow my family. I had the most supportive and amazing people to grow up around that if they weren’t in my life I’m not sure if I’d be where I am today. I am so excited to have a family of my own down the road with a cute suburban house, a cozy dog, and the sweetest husband. That dream is one I am going to have and I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen.

8. what is the best advice you would give someone?

Love first is the best advice I can think of. I feel like if we all did all of our actions out of love, the world would be so much more of a happier place. It just takes one act of love to change an entire situation. It’s something I really do need to work more on but I always want to remember before I get mad, upset, or frustrated to try to love first. 

9. how can someone improve their self confidence / start to love themselves?

I think now days we really do need to redefine where self confidence comes from. You aren’t going to get it from likes, follows, or comments. Self love and confidence comes when you wake up and say in the mirror that you love yourself. It takes practice and work, but trying new things, serving other people, and really spending quality time with yourself always helps. Whenever I’m feeling down I love to go work out, I’m no pro but after a quick workout I feel so accomplished and confident because I did THAT! 

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10. what gives your life meaning?

My ambitions and drive to create a life I’ve dreamt of is what drives me in my life, as well as the want to help other people reach theirs! I want a family where I feel loved and happy with kids who I can raise with my husband and show the world that just because we are different, doesn’t mean we are wrong. I want to show people that by putting love first, everything else will fall into place.

Canyon in the Best Friends t-shirt

Feeling inspired? Follow Canyon and his boyfriend Linc on instagram @lincandcanyon or shop our LGBTQ collection.

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