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how to overcome negative emotions

1. Anger.

– It shows you are passionate about something.

– When your boundaries are expanding, what you believe need to happen is not achieved.

To Overcome:

– Understand why the things have gone wrong.

– Accept that everything need not be the way you imagine.

2. Discomfort.

– You are being given the opportunity to change and to do something different than you usually do.

– It is taking time for you to adjust to it.

To Overcome:

–  See the positive aspects of the situation.

– Understand change is inevitable.

Transform your negative energy into positive actions and see visible changes in your life.

3. Disappointment.

– You gave your best in something, but it did not work the way you wanted to.

– You still care about it and want it to be better.

To Overcome:

– Instead of regretting after outcome is not achieved, keep checks at various levels to see things are going right.

4. Guilt.

– You are trying to meet the others expectations of you.

– But you seem to be losing yourself in this process.

To Overcome:

– Don't change yourself to impress others.

– Never think twice to say NO.

5. Resentment.

– You are living in the past and doing so, you are not letting the present as good as it should be.

To Overcome:

– Understand that to make the best out of present and for better future, you have to let go of the past.

6. Sadness.

– It indicates the depth of your care for others and this world.

To Overcome:

– Vent out your feelings.

– Indulge yourself in your happy distractions.

7. Anxiety.

– It indicates that you have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns.

To Overcome:

– Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts.

– Figure out ways to address it.

8. Shame.

– It indicates that you violated the social norms you believe in.

To Overcome:

– Become aware of how you talk to yourself.

– Practice mindfulness.

9. Envy.

– It indicates that you want something another person has.

To Overcome:

– Shift your focus to goodness in your life.

– Remind yourself that nobody has it all.

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  • Clare on

    This was so helpful reading this, loved it I struggle a lot and battle my mind everyday and I’ve been doing some of these tips for abit now and it’s slowly making me better but it’s tough but I’ll never give up 😊

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