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how to: make yourself happy

At the end, no one cares as much about who you are and who you want to be as you. You are responsible for your happiness and for every decision you make. 

How to make yourself truly happy?

1. Never tame your curiosity.

2. Focus on what you're doing at this present moment. If you're reading, read. Don't try to do 5 things at a time.

3. You have heard this before, but it will always be important. Don't, in any situation, compare yourself to others.

4. Embrace changes instead of avoiding them.

5. Take some "me time" every now and then to reflect on your life.

6. Never value materials more than experiences.

7. Don't focus on what's missing.

8. Love people, use things. 

9. If you're having negative thoughts, try to think about something good. Never let bad thoughts grow.

10. Stop trying to make the wrong person right for you.


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