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Hello! I’m trying my best.

I’m trying my best in a lot of things. There’s a list for myself and a list for the world.

I guess it’s easier to talk about the things I’m trying to do to make the world a better place. And I also believe if we all try some of these things, the world will become a better place for all of us. That’s also the main reason why I’m trying so hard.

  1. Being vegan (Oh hell no, not another vegan)! Hell to the yes, I’m vegan and very proud. I think it’s the best way to save a lot of things on our planet and although people say: it’s never too late to change.. It might be too late in a couple of years because we are destroying A LOT. And by we I mean humans. As a vegan you literally do good for a lot of things that are so wrong in this world. How we treat animals and kill billions of them every year. How we exploit nature and destroy it (forests, oceans,…). It makes me really sad to see and read about what is happening to our planet and what’s even worse: some people don’t even believe it or justify doing most of it (it has been happening for ages.. why stop now? – Because it is wrooooong). Being vegan is the most noble thing you can do for the planet. It is the answer to a lot of questions and issues we humans caused. I watched and read a lot about food and our environment to become this aware and become vegan in the first place. I would advice and suggest people to watch conspiracy, what the health, earthlings, food inc, forks over knives, plastic ocean, land of hope and glory. Go online and read about food on the world health organization, go to Peta to read facts about animal cruelty. Oh that documentary of Leonardo wasn’t bad either… Also you can find very interesting facts on the website of the United Nations (who say our oceans will probably be empty around the year 2050 if people keep eating fish).
  2. I think being vegan says enough because it evolves … everything. Also you live as guilt free and cruelty free as possible.. which actually feels amazing at the end of the day because you don’t support the worst things that are happening on our planet. And you become more aware of everything around you and become more grateful. Which is a very nice feeling.

hello im trying my best t-shirt

hello i’m trying my best T-Shirt

hello im trying my best t-shirt

Not so easy… trying my best, for me!

3. Try to love myself. I fell in love with my character: I think I’m a good and kind soul (most of the time). But I do judge and dislike my appearance. Guess you know now why my face isn’t really on Instagram! I do love my ink. I’m not sure if you could say I’m a show off when it comes to my tattoos because they are also only visible on Instagram. I often feel like this body wasn’t meant to be mine. I cannot help but want another body. I do love my hair! I recently went to a barber and got a sidecut and undercut. Oh.. look at that, I said something nice about myself!

4. Try to be more open to people. I shut down a couple of years ago. And it’s very hard to meet other people although I love to talk with people online. That doesn’t make sense right. But I love being in the safe zone and talkative at the same time. But I still need my phone in most cases.

5. Try to take things less personal, but I’m highly sensitive so that might never happen. But at least.. I try.

6. Try to be more positive. Not rainbows, sunshine and unicorns! Nothing is wrong with lighting up the positive things in your life. And others! Why don’t we talk as much about what we have achieved? We often talk about the things we want and regret, what we can’t do or won’t because something or someone is holding us back… That’s not the way to happiness people! We should all do a ‘try not to complain week’. How will that turn out?!

7. Try to be the best possible friend. And I’m afraid I’m mostly not a good friend at all (because I don’t have a lot of friends?). I do love all the people who are in my phone, who I sometimes see, some more often than others, but I do care a lot and wish them well. I didn’t forget about them.. but I haven’t really reached out to see them more often. I miss them. A lot.

8. Try my best to find more things for this list.

9. Try my best to finish this list and send it to YDWYA. Btw, YDWYA – We have been following each other since the beginning (I think 3 and a half years ago?) and I always loved everything about you guys. You do make awesome clothes etc. but the message behind all of it is amazing. As in inspiring and amazing and I hope most people agree on that. 

hello im trying my best t-shirt

hello i’m trying my best T-Shirt

Thanks to @pomshine for this beautifully written guest blog post <3

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