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33 ideas to do at home - during Coronavirus

33 things to do at home

- Sort out your wardrobe again - and it's best to close the spring clothes right at the front - nobody really wants winter jackets anymore.

- Make a photo book from your last trip. Or from the past five years.

- Clean out your Instagram feed.

- Unsubscribe from all interested promotional newsletters and subscribe to the only meaningful YDWYA newsletter (if you haven't yet).

- Think about birthday presents for family and friends for the whole of the coming year.

- Sort documents and ideally put them in a folder.

- Now that you are already in the flow, you can also sort out your old school or university things (or burn).

- Classic: Decorate your apartment once again.

- Finally you have time to learn something new such as knit or play the guitar. There is a youtube tutorial for just about everything.

- Write a poem or make a painting (or do both, you have enough time)

more plants, less assholes Hoodie

- Sports should not be neglected either: try an online workout.

- Try some meditation

- And relax to the tip of your toes during a yoga session.

- Style your hair particularly chic: How to warm up with straightening or curling?

- And because it's so nice: paint your nails - and sort out your paint supply right away.

- Then do a selfie photo shoot so that it’s not for nothing.

-  Write a love letter to your secret love.

- Then a letter to your grandparents (you'd better not visit them).

- Listen to fine podcasts. My personal favorites are „fest & flauschig“ (for all german speaking) by Jan Böhmermann and Emma Chamberlains podcast (I really like her voice and she is very entertaining)

- Create some new Spotify Playlists 

- Search online for new bands and expand your music taste.

- Water all plants and / or wipe them with a damp cloth.

- Plant your own herbs - this will make cooking an experience in the future and your kitchen an aroma paradise.

- Send long Whatsapp messages to your contacts and get in touch with those you accidentally ghosted.

- Organize a Skype conference with your friends - you can also have coffee with you.

- Call your parents.

- Plan future trips.

- Think of names for your children.

- Clean your laptop keyboard.

- And then a book is best.

- Look at your horoscope and find out what your ascendant is and what house your moon is in.

- Make your own soap (you will definitely need it).

- Learn a new language with an online course.

- Time for some online shopping.

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