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10 things to remember when feeling sad and hopeless

1. Don't feel guilty

When you are depressed there is the feeling of guilt which makes you feel as a problem to others. You will feel trapped in your head if you let the guilt persist. Let it all go. Don't push yourself.

2. You are not alone

Whatever you are going through, even if it's traumatic or heartbreaking, remember that you are not alone and someone out there is going through the same. Take solace in that instead of blaming yourself for everything, and move on.

3. Your thoughts are your reality

If you think of sadness and everything that’s going wrong with your life, then your entire day will be just that. It’s only in your head. It’s not easy, but just remember that your thoughts alone make or break your day. And you’re in control of that.

4. If you want different results make a change

You can't expect things to change if you keep on doing the same things. If you feel what you are doing is wrong, then do something different that will make a change. Do something new and enjoying and try forgetting the old ways.

5. Do it even when you don't feel like it

When you are demotivated, you don't feel like doing anything and keep on feeling down. But this is where you have to take a step; you have to do something even if you don't feel like doing. Take this as a test for you: be strong.

6. You will come out more stronger and matured

One big positive aspect of all this is that you will come out stronger and more matured. You will learn to see things differently and do things better in the future.

7. Writing builds positivity

The best thing you can do is to write down your feelings and thoughts on a clean sheet of paper. Write about your present state and what you can do to make things better in the future so that you never feel like what you are feeling now.

8. Listen to energetic songs

When depressed we often tend to listen to sad songs and drown more in our emotions. This elongates our sadness further and often makes us feel worse. Its psychologically proven that listening to energetic songs lifts you up during these times.

9. Go out

Instead of staying inside your dark lonely room go out in the open and feel better. I have often found that spending time out in the open staring at the sky or being with nature makes me feel better.

10. Move on

Let go of the past and move on with the lessons it taught you. Someday or the other you have to move on so why not today, the faster you move the better it is. "When the past calls don't answer. You're a different person today."

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