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10 things that can make you love yourself more

1. Maintain an on-going self-recognition list.

2. Write a diary for better self-understanding.

3. Forgive yourself for your wrongdoings in the past.

4. Invest time on your beloved ones to make them feel loved and happy.

5. Take on the challenges in your life instead of escaping from them.

6. Do something not included in your schedule every week to make your life more interesting.

7. Talk to yourself in a positive way every morning.

8. Limit the unhealthy foods you consume, no matter how tempting they are.

9. Make a clear goal and go for it. This can include learning a new skill (playing the piano, reading 20 pages of a book every day, learning a new language, etc.)

10. Focus on developing your own story, instead of only listening to other people's stories. At the end of the day you decide what life you will create for you.

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  • Alexis Skye on

    Love your advice!It’s the best motivation.It really makes me feel ready for the day ahead!☀️💅✨

  • Cy Cerdan on

    I love your posts! It really helps me and releases me!! Thank you very much 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Mariana on

    You’re just too nice for this world ❤

  • Valentina Zechender on

    i loved it. thank you for all the good pieces of advice that you give us. you guys are the best in the whole world☀️🤍🧸

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