why I love embroidered t-shirts

A few months ago I wore my first embroidered t-shirt. I never thought so much about it. But then I realized it's actually a basic shirt with a small detail on it. It can have a brands logo or a small message on it which can have an important meaning to you. So imagine you wear it. Suddenly you remember what you wear and that makes you immediately feel better. That's why my next goal was to create a small collection of simple embroidered t-shirts with a message. I've had many ideas, but I wanted to keep it simple and choose the few designs which I thought we all can relate most to at the moment.

Here they are:

1. what the fuck is really going on?!

There are moments and events in my life where I just think WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Is this real life or am I dreaming? Like the virus (I don't even want to say the name anymore) that came "out of nowhere" and suddenly so many people are dying. Sometimes I just have to slap myself to see if I'm not caught in a bad dream.

2. be whoever the fuck you want

I'm tired of people trying to convince other people how to live life, which gender they should love and what to believe in. Fuck that. You are you. You love the same gender? Fine! Your family is christian but you don't believe in god? That's great! Maybe you have different plans for your life than what your parents, family or friends expect from you. This is totally fine! Because it is YOUR LIFE. And you have the right to decide who you want to be.

3. go with the flow

Why stress over something you can't change? Why care what other people think? Your time here is limited, so maybe it's time to just enjoy it and go with the flow.

4. peace & love

My goal is to live life in harmony - in peace and love. With myself and with the people around me.

5. my life is a melancholy song

There are moments in life where everything's fine. Suddenly it hits you all over again. And life feels like a melancholy song again.

6. I need a hug

Don't we all have shitty days from time to time? Where it's all too much and we could just lay in bed and cry all day long. I believe that's totally okay. From time to time all we need is a hug.

7. come as you are

What's the deal living a life and not being 100% who you truly are? I believe that when you're wearing this t-shirt you can also see this as a reminder. Come as you are, as you want to be.

Do you like these embroidered shirts? Would you like to see more? Let me know in the comments. 

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